BSc (Hons) International Business Management (Top-Up)



BSc (Hons) International Business Management (Top-Up)

What’s Happening?

Once upon a time, advanced level or a professional qualification was good enough for life. Today, whether you plan to apply for a new job, work on a promotion, apply for higher studies or even to migrate, a degree is an essential qualification. Many organizations are looking for graduates to build their future talent pipeline. They prefer business qualifications that can fill a range of positions in an organization.

Are you ready for this change?

Don’t be left behind or don’t rush into a masters before completing a degree as a degree is the best foundation anyone can have.

BSc (Hons) International Business Management (Top-Up)

Gaining entry to the final year of BSc (Hons) International Business Management (IBM – Top-Up) degree can certainly accelerate your career plans. You could convert your higher national diploma or any other relevant qualification to a full UK degree within one year. The IBM degree is designed to develop your skills across a range of subjects such as leadership, strategy, international business management, innovations, economics, organizational culture etc. In keeping with the modern world, the IBM degree includes a Consultancy Project and a cutting-edge Business Simulation to make you ready for the real world. With London Met, you will study the full programme that is offered at the University in London, with 100% of content and qualification coming directly from the University.

Course Structure

This module applies leadership and innovation theories through two themes: Theme 1 emphasizes leadership theories and personal style, while Theme 2 explores innovation’s link to leadership. Assignments guide learning to evaluate historical and future concepts, fostering sustainable organizational development

Exploring cross-cultural management globally and locally, this module integrates social anthropology, psychology, and management theories. It uses presentations, seminars, and reports to develop skills, analytical thinking, and contextual management comprehension.

Examining shifting global business dynamics with stricter borders and economic interdependence, this module analyzes strategic and operational effects of global trends on competitiveness and sustainability. A consultancy simulation focuses on international management challenges in emerging markets, fostering collaborative learning and employability through diverse perspectives.

This module applies management theories for critical self-assessment and explores personal, academic, and professional development in two themes. Theme 1 engages with theorists, while Theme 2 aligns corporate management with UN Sustainability Goals. Assignments enhance historical, theoretical knowledge, fostering strategic socio-political alignment.

This module highlights marketing‘s significance across organizations, emphasizing global reach and integration with sales. It explores global marketing strategies, digital elements, and post-pandemic market interconnectivity, underscoring communication’s role in global product/service delivery.

This module imparts economic development theories, policies, and issues in emerging economies. It applies economic principles addressing growth, sustainability, inequality, and climate change. Covering nations like Russia, India, China, it fosters skills in research, critical thinking, and communication, emphasizing diversity and interdependence.

The capstone Professional Consultancy/Project module involves real-world business projects, showcasing skills through online presentations. It enhances analytical, writing, research abilities, applying course knowledge to boost career growth and performance in diverse contexts.

One of London’s oldest educational institutions, London Metropolitan University has been celebrating diversity in education since its inception way back in 1848. With students from more than 140 different nationalities under its wing, this iconic university comprises six schools offering a distinct array of well-timed programmes curated to suitably cater to the evolving role of education today.

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    University with international students from over 140 different countries.

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    Ranked #6 In the UK for producing CEOs and Managing Directors

    (Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance 2021)

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    World-Class Learning Resources with over 274,337 books, 59,922 e-books and 42,135 e-journals for students.

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    96.7% of London Met graduates are in work or further study within six months

    (Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey 2016-17)

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