MA International Relations



MA International Relations

What’s Happening?

Present-day world is rapidly transforming into a world where all nations are more interconnected and interdependent than ever due to technological advancements and diverse international trade. This has led to the creation of more issues in the global community than ever before. More and more professionals dealing with different aspects of this interconnection require a profound understanding of today’s global policy challenges. Studying international security, law and politics have never been more essential.

Master of Arts in International Relations

This course seeks to offer a rounded view of the development and operation of the international system that encompasses the interconnecting worlds of international politics, law and economics.You will learn about relations theory, international politics and the development of states, international law and legal institutions as well as security studies. This MA will enable you to combine your understanding of the core modules in interdisciplinary research – a wider and more inclusive framework for understanding international relations and one which corresponds more closely to the interconnectedness of the real world.

Course Structure

Equip yourself with theories, tools, techniques and a reflective attitude to international relations research in order to design and carry out your dissertation research.

Learn how international law operates as a tool for inter-state cooperation and the regulation of disputes via examples. This will enable you to obtain a firm foundation on International Law.

Explore debates and controversies about both practice and theory in international conflict resolution. Learn the significant part human rights and social justice play in the modern international community.

Learn about the implications of the concept of human security for your understanding of security in the international system and why a distinct concept of ‘human security’ has been developed in the international debates.

Learn about the implications of the concept of human security for your understanding of security in the international system and why a distinct concept of ‘human security’ has been developed in the international debates.

Take part in rapidly evolving contemporary discussions on security. Develop knowledge and skills to fully appreciate the international and contested nature of the concept of security, key areas of debate in the field and the manner in which “security” physically manifests itself in the world.

Select a preferred topic and conduct an independent research on contemporary issues impacting the sector of international relations coupled with high level analysis and interpretation of information.

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