Experience realtime virtual learning

Blended learning is a mixture of online and on-campus courses; you really get the best of both worlds here along with plenty of flexibility. Online sessions give students access to amazing resources like video lectures, virtual discussions and one-to-one time with faculty, making the learning personalized and easily accessible from anywhere.

On-campus classes will allow you to spend greater time with our expert faculty in small classes, giving you the undivided attention, you deserve and the chance to put your skills into practice.

The blended learning courses at NEXT offers a great deal of advantages and is perfect for those who have other life commitments to balance alongside studies. You also have the freedom to choose which courses you study online and which ones you take on-campus:

Benefits of Blended Learning:

  • Experience the flexibility of learning online and in-class
  • Gain a professional and personal boost
  • Network and learn from international students
  • Use high quality e-learning resources
  • Great way to manage time; Balance career, family AND your personal development.