What Students Say


Dinesh Amarakoon

Facilities Engineer
Al Futtaim Engineering (UAE)

NEXT was recommended to me by a very close friend who did his Masters in Supply Chain at NEXT. Although initially I was nervous about starting an MBA and I just wanted to finish it, soon I realized I could learn a lot from


Chapa Perera

Global Risk Operations, Meta (Singapore)

I came upon the International MBA program offered by the Next Education Group in partnership University in UK, at a time when I was looking for new opportunities that can help


Shamir Zubayar

IT Operations Specialist
General Electric (UAE)

It was an honour to be a member of the NEXT community, and to graduate with an MBA. I learned a great deal of academic exposure, expanded my horizons, and established the foundations for


Johann Bertus

Airline Instructor
Qatar Airways, (Qatar)

Setting out to find right academic qualification, that encompasses your personal aspirations as well as helps to propel your professional goals can be a frightening experience.


Pushpitha Fernando

Senior Manager Aftersales
Toyota Lanka (Sri Lanka)

I decided to pursue an MBA in hope of utilizing the knowledge to better manage and improve automotive industry operation and financial KPI’s, but I never expected to uncover the changes I needed to make as a leader.


Sudesh Perera

Aircraft Engineer
Qatar Airways (Qatar)

Working 52hrs a week was always a big challenge for me to reach my goal of higher education. In a time that I was about to give it up, I came to know about NEXT Education Group, and started my Masters in year 2018.


Yenushka Aponso

Senior First Officer
Trans Maldivian Airways (Maldives)

I was beyond thrilled to discover that NEXT Education Group was commencing an MSc in Aviation Management with London Metropolitan University, and it was extremely encouraging that the admin staff were easy to contact ann


K Y G Leitan

Licenced Aircraft Technician
Emirates Airlines (UAE)

I am Yenuka, currently employed at Emirates Airlines U.A.E as a Licenced Aircraft Technician. I have always desired to upgrade my academic qualifications while not taking the discreet in


Sim Jaabir

Maldivian Seaplane (Maldives)

My journey with London Metropolitan is definitely one I will cherish for life. During a challenging time, and within a short period of time, I was able to learn a lot, which enabled me excel academically,


Mohamed Rizvi

Managing Director
Regional Airports Company Ltd (Maldives)

I have had over 18 years of experience in the Tourism and Aviation field. I have gained unyielding experience in the industry and previously managed the National Carrier of Maldives, Maldivian Airlines as the Managing Director.


Saman Mendis

Trading Support (Fiji)

Hi, I’m Saman Mendis and I studied in Cohort -16. It was a privilege to become a member of NEXT campus as I exposed to one of the best learnings in Logistics and Supply Chain Management,


Suranga Welagedara

Assistant Manager
Warehouse Operations Ali Bin Ali Logistics (Qatar)

I have joined “NEXT” to up skills my competencies to be competitive in the Logistics Industry. During the program, plenty of opportunities were created to understand the techniques, technologies and shared experimental


Milinda Delwita

Licensed Aircraft Engineer

I am currently employed as a licensed aircraft engineer at a leading airline. During the pandemic where the entire airline industry was on an all-time low, the knowledge gained by


D. Usha Saram Dushyanthan

Vale MSS Ltd (United Kingdom)

The MBA course from offered by NEXT Campus, gave me an opportunity to elevate myself to the next level without sacrificing my commitments as a mother of three and an entrepreneur.


Tharaka Wijesuriya

Assistant Manager Operations
Linea Aqua (PVT) Ltd (Sri Lanka)

My goal in 2021 was to upskill myself and my first option was to try an MSc and I was advised that NEXT Campus provides an excellent MSc program.


Debbie Dissanayake

General Manager Sales
Expolanka Freight (Sri Lanka)

I am extremely happy to have chosen my academic path with NEXT Education Group and it has been absolutely rewarding in many ways. I completed my MSc in 2019 conducted by a renowned